The Official NEEDLEMINDER Defective Stickers

  • The Official NEEDLEMINDER Defective Stickers

READ THIS ALL THE WAY THROUGH OR SUFFER: You are getting 5 stickers (Alex, Xander, Drew, Josie, Also Josie); they are each roughly 2 inches. The lamination is barely adhered, so peel carefully from the back and stick to a flat surface.

These are not professionally-made stickers. These stickers would be absolutely shit on a water bottle. They would not last for five seconds if you put them out in the sun. These stickers will find a way to personally disappoint you.

And yet...?

Something about them beckons to you... You can't help but feel bad for them. "I could fix them," you might be thinking. "Everyone is so mean to these poor, defenseless little defective stickers. It's not their fault they weren't put through the laminator correctly. I bet I could find a place to put them, where they won't get hurt."

Are you sure? Or are you tormenting yourself for no reason? Do you really think you're the one who can solve this? And what happens when you can't?